Carpet / Area Rug Cleaning


Approximately 44 million homes have carpets with highly dangerous concentrations of dust mite allergen levels. This can make the air inside your home heavy and breathing more difficult. Especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. With our state of the art cleaning processes, you can trust First Pro Clean to care for your carpets and area rugs. In doing so you will ensure that everyone residing in the home is safe from harmful chemicals and breathing the cleanest air possible.


We use only GREEN non-toxic and non-irritant agents.


First Pro Clean is determined to keep all your carpeted areas looking their best. We specialize in cleaning all types of fabrics and materials. We do it all from commercial-out door style carpet to plush area rugs. Give us a call and you’ll be amazed with the outcome!


If you think vacuuming your carpets or rugs is sufficient. That is simply not the case. Even the best vacuum cleaner removes only a fraction of the dirt, dust, mites and other allergens in your carpet. There are billions of tiny insects and dirt particles that thrive on the stuff your vacuum cleaner doesn't and can't get out. The only way to rid your carpet / rug of these pests is professional and expert cleaning.




Choose the best cleaning method available!


Our professional technician will recommend the best cleaning method for you, explain exactly what's going to be done, then get to work. First Pro Clean will provide you with the complete cleaning service that you expect.

Our service guarantees removal of a high percentage of those stains that you thought would never be removed. We also deodorize your carpets and rugs in order to remove the inevitable odor build up in all carpets and rugs.




We offer you the following professional services for all your carpets and area rugs:


Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Deep Scrub

Deep Scrub Cleaning

De-flea and de-tick

Deodorizing and Sanitizing

Dry foam cleaning (for ber-ber carpets and delicate fabrics)

Teflon Protection


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